Promotional Products & Logo Apparel
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Why should you buy promotional products & logo apparel?

  • The products are USEFUL! Custom products are found in the home, workplace, and car. PPAI reports that 91% of the items will be reused giving you lots of repeat exposure to your brand!
  • The products are FUN! Adding your logo to a custom item creates excitement with the user. Put a smile on their face with a color changing cup, a funny stress ball, or a colorful hat!
  • The products are ATTRACTIVE! We supply trendy wearables, and savvy technology products. How about a USB drive in the shape of a bracelet?!
  • The products are GIFTS! People love receiving gifts from pens to t-shirts! Your logo on the latest custom hat will walk hundreds of miles.
  • The products are INFORMATIVE! The products display a website, phone number, and a way to convey your message. How about a plastic take home bag to list all your services?!
  • The products are AFFORDABLE compared to other types of advertising! Go the costs for print ads, billboards, and radio spots. These products go directly in the hands of the target market, whereas other forms of advertising are “hit or miss!”
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Can you design the art for my project?

Of course! We are happy to provide design services. Unique and creative designs – along with our cool products – are what sets us apart! Custom art projects do require an art charge.

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How long will it take for my products to ship?

Production for most orders is around 3 weeks, however, if your order is a RUSH we have great options! Many of our vendors provide a quick turnaround if you need it.